_MG_7085High Performance Fitness owners, Mike & Gina Mireles and their family, Jena, Shelly and Ernie


HPF is the ONLY strength & conditioning facility in the South Suburbs of Chicago tailored to serious athletes, dedicated lifters and anyone committed to improving their strength, health, and fitness. We are the door of opportunity for young, talented, hard-working athletes in the south suburbs of Chicago who are looking to increase their strength, speed and performance on the field or court. We are a place for anyone looking to improve their health, strength, and mentality, to exceed their expectations. We are the people that will motivate you to make you stronger, faster, and better, so long as you want it bad enough. We are the people that will help you grow mentally, as well as physically inside and outside the gym, at home, in the workplace, and in relationships. We are your family. We are TEAM HPF.


We stand for respect, family, responsibility, honesty, integrity, and transparency. We stand for giving people access to resources they would otherwise not have. We stand for the community and strengthening it by giving back to it. We stand for equality within our walls. No egos, only a will to succeed.


We do what we do because we want better things for people than we had for ourselves. We are a family and we act as one. We welcome people with open arms. We do business the way we do because we think it’s the only acceptable way to conduct ourselves as a business: the honest, respectful, and fair way, the client-is-our-focus way. Most of all, we do business the way we do because we are committed to giving back to our community. We know that the good work we do transpires into our team members helping others.

We are committed to using the best techniques that motivate, educate and challenge our participants to achieve their fitness goals. From nutritional advice, sports training, body building and powerlifting to helping you look better on the beach, losing that last ten pounds before your wedding or simply helping you fit in your skinny jeans. We can help you get there!