Welcome to HPF!


HPF is the ONLY private training facility in the South Suburbs of Chicago catering to serious athletes from middle school, high school, college and the professional level. Our facility features the best and safest equipment, as well as indoor turf for use in our Sports Performance Training program. At HPF, we strive to continuing our own education in exercise science to provide the most efficient and best proven training methods to keep our athletes safe and always improving. We pride ourselves on being the door of opportunity for young, talented, hard-working athletes in the south suburbs of Chicago who are looking to increase their strength, speed and performance on the field or court. HPF is known for its family feel environment, has a great support system with mentoring and leadership training. Our athletes know that HPF is a safe haven, and many call it their second home.

Core Values

HPF and the culture we’ve built is focused around respect, family, responsibility, honesty, integrity, and transparency. Our goal is giving people access to resources they would otherwise not find in their community so that they may accomplish goals now and into the future, athletic and otherwise. We are committed to strengthening our community, one athlete at a time.