Small Group Training

Small Group Training Enrollments

Are you where you want to be, physically? For athletes and non-athletes alike, if you’re looking for a way to improve your overall health, body composition, strength, mobility, and power, then you’ve come to the right place. We customize strength training regimens for your goals and needs. Whether it’s in season mobility and recovery work, off season maintenance, or trying to look better in your skinny jeans or swimming trunks, we’re ready to be a part of the journey, only if you’re ready to take the first step.

Our strength training is structured in a semi-private small group setting with sessions that meet every day/week on a set schedule. Below you’ll see the Training Enrollment options.

Choose the length of agreement and level of commitment that meets your needs and goals.

Our training enrollments are set up by recurring electronic check payments, or can be paid in full by cash, check or credit card.

PERFORMANCE TRAINING PROGRAM3-Month Agreement6-Month Agreement12-Month Agreement
Premium (5x per week)$699 per month$659 per month$599 per month
Plus (4x per week)$559 per month$529 per month$479 per month
Basic (3x per week)$429 per month$399 per month$359 per month
*Terms and conditions apply.
Please contact us for details and payment options.


For those who have reached an optimal level of fitness and wish to maintain their strength, endurance, and performance, we recommend the Maintenance Program below:

MAINTENANCE PROGRAM3-Month Agreement6-Month Agreement12-Month Agreement
2x per week$299 per month$279 per month$239 per month