Sports Performance Training


Serving student-athletes in high school and college, as well as professional athletes.

Athletes looking for that competitive edge, you’ve found the answer. Most middle school and high school athletes aren’t doing extra training outside of school-organized programs. Leave no wasted time by incorporating our strength, conditioning, speed, mobility, and power oriented programming via group training at HPF. We customize strength training regimens for your goals and needs, year round, in and off season.

Our group training is structured in a semi-private setting with sessions that meet every day/week on a set schedule, for typically 45-60 minutes per session. Below you’ll see the Training Enrollment options.

Choose the level of commitment that meets your needs, goals, and availability.

4 days per week
$399 per month
3 days per week
$299 per month
2 days per week
$199 per month
*Terms and conditions apply.
Please contact us for details and payment options.

Beginners are recommended to start at the Basic level, at 3 days per week. Advanced, experienced, or college/professional athletes are encouraged to train with us 3 to 4 days per week.

During the season, we recommend a lighter training schedule of 2 days per week that will continue to build on the strength gained in the off season. The last thing we want is to lose your strength and stamina by the middle or end of your season, when it’s most important!