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Tag: back

5-11-14 – Back Day

I got two meals in me before my session today. I felt good and energized. Today I trained my upper back. I deadlift every other week. Today was kicked up a notch. My training partner for the day is a bodybuilder so we did some volume training as well as heavier sets….

4-22-14 – Strong(er) Squats

First week of squats went very good, I felt I was explosive and that I stayed tight at all times. My first two working sets felt really light, which were 235 for 5 and 275 for 5. I felt strong when I was doing my first two working sets. Then came 305 for five which…

3-28-14 – Deadlifts

Fast, Fast, Fast is what today all was about. When it comes to deadlifts I try to be explosive and fast while still keeping good technique. The faster I…

2-21-14 – Speed Squats

The first seven sets felt very good. After that fatigue started setting in and making my reps a little slower. I fought through it. I remember coming forward on one of the last reps but I was able to recover from it. All of the accessories went very well too. The band good mornings were…

1-26-14 – Two Board Bench Press

Today Gina and I decided to get our training done after business hours. This allows us to not be distracted by any outside sources. In the video you will see the 2 board held on my chest by a band. I learned this from watching Brandon Smitley’s videos of him doing the same exercise. This…

1-26-14 – Deadlift: Lessons & Pain

Deadlifts felt great today. I had good energy throughout this session. About two minutes after my last working set, which felt perfectly fine, my lower back tweeked out on me. I was unsure of what happened because nothing felt weird or out of place during any of my lifts thus far. So, I had a…

1-22-14 – Max Effort Close Grip Bench Press

Today was another early morning session. My wife Gina joined me today on the bench! I love training at this time because it allows me to have the entire day to get everything done. Training consistently is something that has to be done in order for me to get any results. I need to start…

1-9-14 – Back & Biceps

I decided to do everything close grip on back today. Let me tell you, I need to work on it! I was dead after one exercise! My reason of doing my exercise close grip its because I would be use the same muscles in my back I would use if i were benching. A lot…

12-31-13 – Back Day

Since this was New Years Eve I got off of work early. I decided to have a back day. It’s my deload wee and I was feeling ok. I didn’t go heavy or lift anything big but it still felt good.
Breakfast: Peanut butter and jelly on toast
Lunch: Ribs and chips
Dinner: Two pork…

12-4-13 – Back & Biceps

I had to go to another gym today do to work and let me tell you…it was fuckin horrible! I hate going to a gym where guys look in the mirror at themselves after their set and talk shit about the guy who is really busting his ass to get in shape. Not only that….