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Tag: bands

12-19-14 – Heavy Squats

Working on some reverse band squats and I’m pushing the limit today because I know its going to be one of the last heavy days before the meet. After watching the video, I feel that my form stayed strong and consistent as the weight increased. I feel that staying tight at the bottom of the…

10-2-14 – Max Effort Bench Press

Prepared and excited to finally do my max effort squats with reverse band, I hurried to the gym without even making protein or grabbing a drink. Stretched out just as I usually do, being especially careful to my pulled or strained hip, stretching it much more than…

6-18-14 – DE Lower Body

HOT & HUMID! Today’s session was a great one. It reminded me of when I first started training in high school. We were in a small, hot garage filled with squat racks where hard work was mandatory. The environment at HPF is just li

6-6-14 – Dynamic Effort, Upper Body

6-5-14 – Dynamic Effort, Lower Body

6-9-14 – DE Bench w/Bands

Speed bench with bands.. this is another first for me. It was fun. Especially since the weight was so super low (only 45% of my training max) it was extra easy to explode up quickly. I’m quickly learning that incline bench isn’t my strong point. But it’s just something that I need to work at…

5-31-14 – 675 lb Reverse Band Box Squat

Today I was on a mission to lift some heavy weights. This is always my goal on Saturdays, well honestly everyday, but especially Saturdays! I want to get used to carrying a heavier load on my back so I decided to throw a reverse band to the monolift. This gives me a little bit of…

5-30-14 – Dynamic Effort Bench Press

SPEED! SPEED! SPEED! That was the goal today. Moving the weight as fast as possible. Everything felt great! My set up, leg drive, burst off the chest, and the lock out. The bands gave some tension on the top end of my rep but nothing too heavy. Easy working sets today. As for my accessories,…

5-28-14 – Speed Squats & Deadlifts

It was a hot one in gym today. I was drenched with sweat by the time I was done warming up. SPEED was the goal for today. I attached grey bands to the bar to make the barbell feel heavier as I stood up. I squatted down to the box, at the lowest setting, and…

5-28-14 – ME Reverse Band Squats & Bands Will Make Her Dance

Form. Form. Form. I mean, I’ve definitely seen worse, but my last max single was UGLY!!! I used the red bands today for reverse (assistance) bands for the first time. It was so weird trying to get set up under the bar for warm ups until I got to a plate. Then I felt like…