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Tag: biceps

5-7-14 – Building My Arms

As I work towards getting my triceps stronger, I incorporated floor presses into my training routine. I am still focusing on keeping my elbows in and not flaring early. Today’s session went well; I stayed at 185 for 5 sets of 2. This weight felt easy and I was able to push through every set….

3-26-14 – Close Grip & Arms

                  Back to flat bench close grip bench and still trying to focus on keeping my elbows straight and not flare out. Today I had a great session of close grip, I felt that I was explosive and that I kept my elbows straight until my last set in which I was…

3-19-14 Floor Press

I try to incorporate a different variety of tricep movements into my workout program and one of them is floor presses. I focused on keeping my elbows in and also not flaring like I usually do. Tonight…

3-12-14 – Close Grip Incline Bench

Today is my arm day, and I usually do some type of close grip bench. I chose to do incline bench with the E-Z curl bar, which was something that I haven’t done in a while.  Today I focused on keeping my elbows close to my side, because it is something that…

3-11-14 – Bench Press & Push-ups

Bench day today was stalled for a little bit due to the fact that Jesse and I had to finish our squat accessories from the day before. However, as soon as squat day was officially over, we immediately dove straight into bench day. Just as any other day, the warm ups and first few working…

3-5-14 – Keeping It Close

Today was close grip bench day for me and I decided to go heavy on my work sets while using the one board. The hardest part for me doing close grip is not flaring out on the…

2-28-14 – Love & Deadlifts

This AMAP I was really excited for. My week 3 deadlifts are always the ones I loved most. My blood was flowing, my mindset was ready, my ravage was working, and my muscles felt good. Started warming up by rolling out and jump ropes and stretches, and dove straight into my first sets. My warm…

2-26-14 – Curls & Abs

1-9-14 – Back & Biceps

I decided to do everything close grip on back today. Let me tell you, I need to work on it! I was dead after one exercise! My reason of doing my exercise close grip its because I would be use the same muscles in my back I would use if i were benching. A lot…

12-4-13 – Back & Biceps

I had to go to another gym today do to work and let me tell you…it was fuckin horrible! I hate going to a gym where guys look in the mirror at themselves after their set and talk shit about the guy who is really busting his ass to get in shape. Not only that….