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5th Annual Prowler Party, A Heavy Achievement!

TEAM HPF family at the 5th Annual 4th of July Prowler Party on 7-4-17

It was hot, humid, and very heavy things were pushed across the pavement! I’d say our annual…



It’s that time of year again! We are holding our 5th ANNUAL TEAM HPF HOLIDAY FOOD DRIVE at High Performance Fitness! We have always received an outpouring of generosity from our friends, family members, gym members and their families and friends, and everyone in the community to collect a HUGE amount…

2-27-15 – “Do You Even Lift?”

My training logs have been MIA as of recently, but I still do get in training sessions when I can. I have been asked numerous times recently by our members “Do you still lift?” To answer everyone’s question, YES, but a little differently than I used to.

” You have so much free time and you…

Every Decision Makes a Difference

The impact of one’s life can be affected by a simple decision. A decision can put you in the right place at the right time for a positive outcome or just the opposite. The accumulation of the small decisions

5-18-14 – Max Effort 2-board Bench

Benching today was a bitch. Well, just the end of it. All my sets went well, except my final attempt at a max single of 130 to a 2-board. I missed it and felt like I wasn’t getting enough leg drive. I thought I fixed this issue a while ago

*** St. Baldrick’s Head-Shaving Fundraiser: 5-3-2014 ***

ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH TO SHAVE?? Owners, Mike & Gina have both pledged to shave their heads, along with several other TEAM HPF members!!

TEAM HPF is sponsoring and holding a head-shaving event at High Performance Fitness to raise funds for childhood cancer research! If you or anyone you know has been affected by childhood cancer,…

*** 1st Annual TEAM HPF Iron & Ice Winter Powerlifting Meet: 2-1-2014 ***


$3 admission to spectate this showstopping competition! Stop by to witness the results of training at High Performance Fitness, Inc.! You will see general members, as well as training clients who have been training in the squat, bench, and deadlift for months on end. Lifters will be competing for best…

HPF Featured as an EliteFTS VIP Gym

*** We are very proud to be featured on Elitefts.com! Thank you to all of the family, gym members, friends and Elitefts staff who have supported TEAM HPF through our journey! This is only the beginning! ***

Check out our interview! If you’ve ever wondered where the motivation and influence to open HPF came from,…

2nd Annual TEAM HPF Holiday Food Drive is starting!!!

IT’S THE SEASON OF GIVING!! The 2nd Annual TEAM HPF Holiday Food Drive is officially starting!!

Pictured below is only a portion of the food that was collected last year by TEAM HPF, friends and family as well as Mohawk Elementary School, totaling 2,308 pounds!!! We’d like to beat that number this year!

Please drop off…

HPF Open House/Anniversary Celebration Event

Open House/Anniversary Celebration Event: Sunday, October 27th, 2013 from 1:00-5:00pm

We’ll be celebrating ONE YEAR since the Grand Opening of the High Performance Fitness facility! It’s an Open House/Anniversary Celebration Event for anyone interested in getting a closer look at what we’re all about at HPF. We serve everyone from athletes, powerlifters and bodybuilders, to parents,…