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Tag: Cube

12-17-13 – 155 POUNDS ADDED TO TOTAL!

This was the day that 9 weeks of hard work and dedication led up to, MAX OUT DAY! Now after being scarce in the gym for roughly a year and a half, this was my first full 9 weeks of awesome training. Because of that and an awesome program from Brandon Lilly, The Cube Method,…

11-13-13 – Squat

Today was rep day for squats. It is not something I look forward to but you have to put in the work. My main working set was 6 reps with 365(no days off) and it felt strong and fairly fast. Then came the 50 reps at 135. Oh the pleasure!
I feel I’m making some good…

11-11-13 – Bench Press

Breakfast: Seven pieces of bacon, protein bar

Lunch: Chicken breast, steak

Dinner: One whole Home Run Inn pizza

11-7-13 – Shoulders

Breakfast: Seven pieces of bacon

Lunch: Chicken breast and ham sandwich

Dinner: Small steak, pizza

10-23-13 Mike R’s Squat Day

Well this was my first rep week for squats and boy was I ready. It was a little chilly at HPF today but once the muscles started loosening up and my squatting partners got there I was jakked!…