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Tag: deficit

8-16-14 – Heavy Deadlifts from a Deficit

It’s max effort lower body day and today I’m working on 2.5 inch deficit dead lifts. I didn’t hit my goal of hitting 370 for a PR but I got close with 365. For me the hardest part of deficit deads is to keep my chest up the entire time when…

6-15-14 – ME Lower Body, Deficit Deadlifts

New day, new cycle, new program, new everything. I was beyond pumped to final come back into HPF after not being able to come in for almost an entire week. Finally, I was able to catch a break from work, and I get sick, thus keeping me away from HPF Friday…

6-6-14 – ME Deficit Deadlifts w/Chains

Another great max effort day in the books, but still some things to work on. This is my first time doing conventional deficit deads, although it was only a deficit of a half inch. Oh and here’s a disclaimer: I hate the belt I’m using; it was on so tight (thanks hubby) that it was…

5-14-14 – Last Squat Session at Age 28

Tonight’s training session started after business hours. This was the only time I had to train, but it had to be done. I was looking forward to this session because I LOVE SQUATS! The objective of this session was to apply the most force into the bar as possible. Again, I decided to not use…

5-10-14 – Wood Blocks & 2 Chainz

I was looking forward to this session. I feel that my deadlift has been the one lift that has shown great improvement lately. I look forward to the strain and struggle that a max effort deadlift brings. To complete the lift you need complete focus and an attitude problem to get it up.

I implemented deficit…

3-29-14 – Personal Record, Bloody Hands & Foul Language

Deficit deadlifts. This movement has been a weak point my my training. I knew I had to mentally prepare myself for the task at hand. Hood up, hands full of chalk, and Three Six Mafia blasting on the stereo and ready to work. As I stepped on the platform I felt like I was on…