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Tag: Evan Davis

*** St. Baldrick’s Head-Shaving Fundraiser: 5-3-2014 ***

ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH TO SHAVE?? Owners, Mike & Gina have both pledged to shave their heads, along with several other TEAM HPF members!!

TEAM HPF is sponsoring and holding a head-shaving event at High Performance Fitness to raise funds for childhood cancer research! If you or anyone you know has been affected by childhood cancer,…

January 1, 2014 – New Year Deadlifts

The day finally came, I had to deadlift 430 for as many as possible. I had been nervous about it ever since I first saw I had to do it 2 weeks ago. Last cycle I hit a PR of 420 for 4 I couldn’t help myself but think “How could I possibly hit another…

12-6-13 – Deadlifts

I was nervous to lift this weight today because my original PR was 415 a few months, so going into this having to lift 420 for as many as I can possibly do was a little intimidating. I got up to that bar and I lifted it I just put my mind to it and…

12-3-13 – Squats

I felt like wrapping my knees today to get back into that. First one was a little slow but after that they were fast. The last one I fell back a little bit but had the spotter there to keep my balance. All in all the…

11-22-13 – Deadlifts

The deadlifts felt really good today. I feel like the weight just got picked up. I was tight and wearing the sweatshirt made the belt feel tighter which helped me a lot. The sets were fast.

11-19-13 – Squats

The squats felt really good today. I felt strong and the first 2 sets felt fast. I could keep my elbows in a little more especially on my last set. I feel I might have came a little forward because of my elbows being so far back. Other than that the weight felt good.