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Tag: failure

8-28-14 – Lessons Learned from the Barbell

If it aint broke, don’t fix it, right? This statement fits perfectly in when you are following a training program that has gotten you great results. The program is helping you reach your goals and also achieve great strength and technique. So why change it at all? Today I lingered away from my typical training…

3-14-15 – Deadlifts

Today was heavy deadlifts for 3 reps each and setting after every rep. I felt more explosive on all my sets, and my back didn’t round on the way up. Snatch grip has helped me keep my back straight while deadlifting and also has helped my…

3-3-14 – New Month, New Numbers, New Cycle

A New Month, New Numbers, and a New training style. Today was bench day and I decided to take it back, and start the new week with all of my sets for bench being 5 reps each. Today’s benching felt great, I went up to 185 for 5 reps. The…

1-20-14 – Deficit Deadlifts

It has been awhile since I have consistently trained. There have been so many things that have been getting in the way of my training but the decision has been made to get back on track. Today was an early morning session. My wife Gina and I woke up early and got to HPF around…

11-15-13 – Deadlifts

    Wow! If there is one lift that puts you in your place it is the deadlift. Tonight I experienced how the deadlift will check your attitude. With stress adding up I knew the barbell would be great therapy. With my mind on a lot of…

10-17-13 – Deadlifts

Today was the day I was going to test my deadlift.  There was awesome electricity present in the gym during the time I was training. I have been listening to Jay Z lately and I love his story of success. His new album was the choice of music that we would blast on our stereo….