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Tag: floor press

8-10/11-15 – Max Effort Floor Press & SS Yoke Bar Squats



11-12-14 – Lots & Lots of Floor Presses

Working on floor press today and I decided to do as many sets as possible so when the weight started to get heavy I started going up by 5 pound increments. Not being able to lock my legs in and push my heels towards the ground takes a lot of power away and I could…

6-5-14 – ME Floor Press w/Chains

Oops. I completely forgot to record this session until the last max single, in which my butt came up anyways, so yea, no video this session. Sorry fans! I felt great after this session because I was able to get 100 lbs up, PLUS two chains (another 40ish pounds at the top), which is much…

5-12-14 – Max Effort Floor Press

Hot and heavy session with Mike this morning. Yes, I was training with my husband, but it was 85 degrees and I was doing max effort. Get your mind out of the gutter. Perverts! The goal was to work up to a heavy single today. That ended up being 110 lbs after I had failed…

5-7-14 – Building My Arms

As I work towards getting my triceps stronger, I incorporated floor presses into my training routine. I am still focusing on keeping my elbows in and not flaring early. Today’s session went well; I stayed at 185 for 5 sets of 2. This weight felt easy and I was able to push through every set….

4-14-14 – Floor Press w/ Chains

I started the week off right by being under the bar with heavy weight loaded on it. Floor press has been a challenge to me recently. It doesn’t allow me to use any leg drive and I find it difficult to squeeze my back as I am bring the bar down. I added chains to…

4-4-14 – Benching with Speed

Today’s session went very well. I put a lot of emphasis on keeping my range of motion as short as possble by squeezing my shoulder blades together and down. This also created a tighter position to bench from so it made the weight go up a lot easier. I used three different grips during my…

3-24-14 – Laying on the Floor & Pressing Heavy Objects

Today I worked with the floor press. This is a somewhat difficult lift for me because it it hard to keep my back tight and generate a lot of force from not using my leg drive. This is the reason why I wanted to work with this lift. It forces me to keep the bar…

3-19-14 Floor Press

I try to incorporate a different variety of tricep movements into my workout program and one of them is floor presses. I focused on keeping my elbows in and also not flaring like I usually do. Tonight…

2-10-14 -Max Effort Floor Press w/ chains

The decision has been made. My wife Gina and I are going to train on a consistent basis. Our lives are VERY busy but we had to find time to train to stay healthy and get strong(er). We came to HPF before business hours and got our training in. As she was squatting I was…