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Tag: grip

5-25-14 – Reverse Band Deadlifts

Lately, I have realized that the weak link to my deadlifts is my grip. I am strong enough to get the bar to the point where I can lock it out, but right before I get there my grip gives out. When I attended LTT8, Matt Wenning, world record holder powerlifter, told me to press…

5-6-14 – Max Effort Close Grip Bench

Today the goal was working up to a heavy single. I haven’t done very much close grip work, so it’s good to feel something different with these. I focused on tearing the bar apart with my hands, so I’m sure I’ll have some sore forearms in a couple days. I did really well throughout my…

11-24-13 – Deadlifts

Best day of the week right here! Happy as a clam as I walked into HPF today, my pre-workout was kicking in and I had thought about my deads all day. I was so anxious to get started that I forgot to record my working sets so sorry no video today, but all the weight…