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It’s that time of year again! We are holding our 5th ANNUAL TEAM HPF HOLIDAY FOOD DRIVE at High Performance Fitness! We have always received an outpouring of generosity from our friends, family members, gym members and their families and friends, and everyone in the community to collect a HUGE amount…


Pre-order your brand new “Property of TEAM HPF” shirts in all your favorite colors! 10 colors to choose from, and the more you buy, the more you save! Message, call or email for pre-ordering! We accept all standard forms of payment and can provide shipping! Phone: (708)769-2910 Email: info@teamhpf.com

6-15-14 – ME Lower Body, Deficit Deadlifts

New day, new cycle, new program, new everything. I was beyond pumped to final come back into HPF after not being able to come in for almost an entire week. Finally, I was able to catch a break from work, and I get sick, thus keeping me away from HPF Friday…

6-9-14 – Dynamic Effort Lower Body

Today, I came into the gym very early in the morning on a weekday which was quite strange. I saw a whole group of people in the gym that I usually don’t see. Regardless, I had my first dynamic lower body workout day including ten sets of two reps at 160 pounds on regular back…

2-13-14 – Bench Press

Thankfully, the previous day I had no school and today I had a half day. So, I was well caught up on sleep and my body felt refreshed and I was ready to lift. I walked into the gym like it was any ordinary day, but just before heading in, Mike asked me…

*** 1st Annual TEAM HPF Iron & Ice Winter Powerlifting Meet: 2-1-2014 ***


$3 admission to spectate this showstopping competition! Stop by to witness the results of training at High Performance Fitness, Inc.! You will see general members, as well as training clients who have been training in the squat, bench, and deadlift for months on end. Lifters will be competing for best…

HPF Featured as an EliteFTS VIP Gym

*** We are very proud to be featured on Elitefts.com! Thank you to all of the family, gym members, friends and Elitefts staff who have supported TEAM HPF through our journey! This is only the beginning! ***

Check out our interview! If you’ve ever wondered where the motivation and influence to open HPF came from,…

11-22-13 – Squats

The atmosphere at HPF was electric tonight! The gym was filled with hard working people and people who have each other’s back. Having my HPF family there is a great feeling. My legs were feeling pretty good. I had some time between clients so I wanted to get my squats in. While taking my warm…

11-19-13 – Bench Press

Felt pretty tired walking into HPF today the coffee that I drank earlier was probably the only thing keeping me awake. Nevertheless, it was time to train and I had to get started since I only had an hour before closing time. I got to work and thank god today was a light day. The…

11-13-13 – Bench Press

It felt great as I walked through the doors of HPF today! Nobody was in at the moment and I had a few minutes to myself to warm-up and get the right mindset. All warm-up sets felt good, and I was confident going into my working sets. By that time some other members had arrived,…