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Tag: Kyle Laya

3-10-14 – Bench & Wood

2-26-14 – Curls & Abs

2-25-14 – Heavy Squats & Loud Noise

All of the Anderson Squats felt good. I did them from a pin that placed my right above parallel. The last set of 605 felt a little rough. I decided to up to 625 but missed it twice, but you don’t get them all. It was just a little too heavy for the time being….

2-24-14 – Pin Press 2″ off chest

2-21-14 – Speed Squats

The first seven sets felt very good. After that fatigue started setting in and making my reps a little slower. I fought through it. I remember coming forward on one of the last reps but I was able to recover from it. All of the accessories went very well too. The band good mornings were…

2-17-14 – Max Effort Incline Bench Press

2-13-14 – Dynamic Bench Press

1-11-14 – Deadlifts

I had a lot of sleep and it felt good, seeing as last week I had bad deadlift day. Driving to the gym the only thing I could think is your not going to have another bad day and man was I right! I went to the bar on my last set with 505 lbs…

1-10-14 – Shoulders

Felt good today! Went in and everything went as planned which is not normal for my shoulder day. I have switched a couple of things up and I feel like it is making my shoulders stronger! I really think if I can get my shoulders stronger my bench will go up a lot.

Breakfast: Two eggs…

1-9-14 – Back & Biceps

I decided to do everything close grip on back today. Let me tell you, I need to work on it! I was dead after one exercise! My reason of doing my exercise close grip its because I would be use the same muscles in my back I would use if i were benching. A lot…