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Tag: max effort

8-10/11-15 – Max Effort Floor Press & SS Yoke Bar Squats



8-3 & 4-15 – Start of the Challenge -Max Effort Upper & Lower

Today is the day where I am starting my new 90 Day Challenge. After talking to Monica Brant about nutrition earlier, I was ready to crush my next Challenge. She gave me some very good advice that I will follow through with. I feel that with everything that has been going on recently, I…

2-10-15 – Back at it!!!

Starting back up on my training logs, I haven’t done a training log in a very long time and it’s time to hop back on the wagon! A new year with new things to come, and one of them is getting stronger at a lighter weight. My current body weight is at 222, coming down…

2-12-15 – Deadlifts for AMAP

As many as possible (reps) with 365 being the amount lifted had me really anxious to see how much I could do it for. Being at a lower body weight of 217 lbs coming down from 235, also had me worried that I wouldn’t be able to get it more than 3 times. I finished…

1-27-15 – Max Effort Front Squats

After taking a week off of the gym after the meet I was more than eager to get back in the swing of things. Since it was my first day back I did take some extra time to properly stretch out and warm up before I touched anything heavy. Today I worked on max effort…

12-27-14 – Last Deadlift of the Year

Last heavy training session of the year and probably till the meet. I wasn’t the best. My goal was to hit 405, which I have done a few times, but today it wasn’t in the cards. I was feeling alright moving up in weight but I noticed the weight was coming up slow a little…

12-19-14 – Heavy Squats

Working on some reverse band squats and I’m pushing the limit today because I know its going to be one of the last heavy days before the meet. After watching the video, I feel that my form stayed strong and consistent as the weight increased. I feel that staying tight at the bottom of the…

12-15-14 – Heavy Close Grip Bench Press

Feeling like I’m getting back in the groove, compared to my last training session. Today I worked on close grip bench and worked up to a max single. It all felt pretty good as I worked my way up in weight but as it got heavy I started to slide backwards on the bench when…

12-2-14 – Max Effort Close Grip Bench Press

Today was Day 2 to getting my training back together. I am a little sore from my session but not as much as I thought. I wanted to work my triceps a little more today so heavy close grip bench press was the perfect solution! From my warm ups to my last heavy set, every…

12-1-14 – Back at it with “Heavy” Deadlifts

Let me start off by saying that it feels great to start training again! Things have been REALLY hectic and to make matters worse, I am getting over a slight cold. With those bullshit reasons behind me now, I’m ready to train hard!

Deadlifts were always my weakest lift so why not start with it? Working…