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Tag: Mike Mireles

8-10/11-15 – Max Effort Floor Press & SS Yoke Bar Squats



8-7-15 – Dynamic Lower Body (Day 4/90 on the Challenge)

It’s 4:30 am and I hear the alarm going off. I jumped out of bed and knew I had work to do this morning. Since we went to sleep earlier than usual last night, I woke up with a lot more energy. I got ready in a hurry, filled my shaker cup with…

8-6-15 – Dynamic Bench Day (Day 3/90 on the Challenge)

Today started off not going as planned. I set my alarm for 4:45am and after getting up and shutting it off, I laid back in bed next to my beautiful wife…

8-3 & 4-15 – Start of the Challenge -Max Effort Upper & Lower

Today is the day where I am starting my new 90 Day Challenge. After talking to Monica Brant about nutrition earlier, I was ready to crush my next Challenge. She gave me some very good advice that I will follow through with. I feel that with everything that has been going on recently, I…

2-27-15 – “Do You Even Lift?”

My training logs have been MIA as of recently, but I still do get in training sessions when I can. I have been asked numerous times recently by our members “Do you still lift?” To answer everyone’s question, YES, but a little differently than I used to.

” You have so much free time and you…

2-9-15 – Internship at HPF Opened My Eyes

For those of you who did not know, for the last 10 weeks I have been interning at High Performance Fitness shadowing (assignment from my school, Robert Morris University) Mike while he trains his clients. This experience was truly…

12-2-14 – Max Effort Close Grip Bench Press

Today was Day 2 to getting my training back together. I am a little sore from my session but not as much as I thought. I wanted to work my triceps a little more today so heavy close grip bench press was the perfect solution! From my warm ups to my last heavy set, every…

12-1-14 – Back at it with “Heavy” Deadlifts

Let me start off by saying that it feels great to start training again! Things have been REALLY hectic and to make matters worse, I am getting over a slight cold. With those bullshit reasons behind me now, I’m ready to train hard!

Deadlifts were always my weakest lift so why not start with it? Working…

11-12-14 – Deadlifts

11-10-14 – Pressing Some Bench

Technique. Technique. Technique. During these last few light training sessions I have been able to put more emphasis on the correct positioning. Squeezing my upper back and driving my feet into the ground help a great amount!!! Not only does it keep me more stable, but it shortens the range of motion. My sternum stays…