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Tag: Mike Radiocic

*** St. Baldrick’s Head-Shaving Fundraiser: 5-3-2014 ***

ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH TO SHAVE?? Owners, Mike & Gina have both pledged to shave their heads, along with several other TEAM HPF members!!

TEAM HPF is sponsoring and holding a head-shaving event at High Performance Fitness to raise funds for childhood cancer research! If you or anyone you know has been affected by childhood cancer,…

This week in training – Video blog

12-17-13 – 155 POUNDS ADDED TO TOTAL!

This was the day that 9 weeks of hard work and dedication led up to, MAX OUT DAY! Now after being scarce in the gym for roughly a year and a half, this was my first full 9 weeks of awesome training. Because of that and an awesome program from Brandon Lilly, The Cube Method,…

11-22-13 – Deadlifts

Dead lifts surprisingly went great today considering I was up since 2am and worked an 11 hour shift before coming into the gym. I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it through today’s workout before i got in, but once the blood started flowing I was off to the races. 455 from a…

11-20-13 – Bench Press

I was excited to bench this week considering I was going heavy but who doesn’t like to go heavy in powerlifting? All my heavy sets felt great, weight was flying up with ease. My back is feeling exceptionally stronger do to all the heavy back work I get in this program. I really think that’s…

11-19-13 – Squats

 Great squat workout this was for all that trained. 315 was great I felt really fast considering some of my form flaws(swaying forward.) 405 with the reverse bands was easy but it felt good to have that amount of weight on my back at the top seeing it as I’m going heavy next week.

11-14-13 – Floor Press

Today was my explosive bench day and I felt better than ever. Floor presses with 240 were flying up. I even said it in one video. I’m very excited about my progress so far.

11-13-13 – Squat

Today was rep day for squats. It is not something I look forward to but you have to put in the work. My main working set was 6 reps with 365(no days off) and it felt strong and fairly fast. Then came the 50 reps at 135. Oh the pleasure!
I feel I’m making some good…