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Tag: military press

10-22-14 – Military Press

I did heavy sets of 5s on military press today. Its been a while since I have anything heavy with these and it was nice to see how much I have progressed. I focused on trying to keep my elbows under or in front of the bar. I found it hard to regulate my breath…

11-7-13 – Shoulders

Breakfast: Seven pieces of bacon

Lunch: Chicken breast and ham sandwich

Dinner: Small steak, pizza

10-30-13 – Bench Press

This was the second heavy bench day of my cycle and I felt not only strong but had some good endurance as well  315 felt very light and went up fast. I can’t wait till my next heavy bench day.

Keep lifting my friends.

10-25-13 – Military Press

Today’s training session went smoothly. It went so smooth that I forgot to record my sets of military press. It totally slipped my mind because we were on a roll with getting to work. The weights felt good while I pressed. On my last set I lost focus and my right hand turned downward. I…

10-18-13 – Military Press

I felt a little tight today from my deadlift day yesterday. The Rumble Roller made it a lot better. I spent a good amount of time rolling my body to loosen up my tight muscles. It was somewhat cold in the gym so I made sure I was nice and loose.

The presses went very well….

10-11-13 – Military Press

Today I felt a little (SORE AS HELL!) in my abs. I even cramped up demonstrating a move to one of my clients this morning. Keeping my torso in an upright position was a little tough but I still felt solid while doing my presses.

Body is feeing strong. I didn’t feel the need for wrist…

9-4-13 – Military Press

Today I trained with my dad. I have been asking him to train with me for a long time now and I think he may have caught the Iron Bug. Training with him was a blast. Led Zeppelin was blasting on our speakers and hard work was going on.

I am working military back in my…