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Tag: shoulders

12-2-14 – Max Effort Close Grip Bench Press

Today was Day 2 to getting my training back together. I am a little sore from my session but not as much as I thought. I wanted to work my triceps a little more today so heavy close grip bench press was the perfect solution! From my warm ups to my last heavy set, every…

11-10-14 – Pressing Some Bench

Technique. Technique. Technique. During these last few light training sessions I have been able to put more emphasis on the correct positioning. Squeezing my upper back and driving my feet into the ground help a great amount!!! Not only does it keep me more stable, but it shortens the range of motion. My sternum stays…

11-5-14 – Dynamic Effort Squats

Today I worked on speed squats for dynamic lower body day which means 10 sets of 2 reps as fast as possible with keeping good form. I stretched out really well before hand and even stretched out my shoulders so they wouldn’t cramp up as I pushed my elbows under the bar. The day started…

10-22-14 – Military Press

I did heavy sets of 5s on military press today. Its been a while since I have anything heavy with these and it was nice to see how much I have progressed. I focused on trying to keep my elbows under or in front of the bar. I found it hard to regulate my breath…

5-6-14 – Max Effort Close Grip Bench

Today the goal was working up to a heavy single. I haven’t done very much close grip work, so it’s good to feel something different with these. I focused on tearing the bar apart with my hands, so I’m sure I’ll have some sore forearms in a couple days. I did really well throughout my…

1-10-14 – Shoulders

Felt good today! Went in and everything went as planned which is not normal for my shoulder day. I have switched a couple of things up and I feel like it is making my shoulders stronger! I really think if I can get my shoulders stronger my bench will go up a lot.

Breakfast: Two eggs…

1-1-14 – Overhead Shoulder Press

It’s New Years Day! I didn’t do well but my shoulders have always been my weak point. This years I will try to make them strong(er)!

Breakfast: Eggs and bacon
Lunch: Two ham sandwiches
Dinner: Two eight ounce steaks

11-29-13 – Shoulders

I don’t know were to start. I had a shitty day at work so I was feeling like I was going to do crappy at the gym. When I got there I put in my head phones. I found a song the made me pissed and I then got tunnel vison. I listened to the…

11-7-13 – Shoulders

Breakfast: Seven pieces of bacon

Lunch: Chicken breast and ham sandwich

Dinner: Small steak, pizza

10-24-13 – Shoulders

Meals for the day:

Breakfast – Protein shake, 2 eggs

Lunch – 3 chicken breasts, 32 oz water, 2 Greek yogurts, 3 cheese sticks